Paint a Pear

I painted this twice. You can see I can’t copy so I hope you grant yourself the freedom to go with what comes out of your pencil. Any range of yellows could be used so choose those pencils that you like.  I din’t add a highlight on the video but you can use any cream, white or grey and just blend it out and/or build it up.


I used: Jasmine, Mineral Orange, Crimson Red, Limepeel, Bronze, Artichoke and Olive Green.

Paint a Pear
This is a short demo on how to paint a pear, focusing on pencil selection and blending. It is not a packet, there are no instructions but each color used is listed.
Module 1 Paint a pear sample
A short demo on painting a pear, focusing on color selection and blending.
Lesson 1 Paint a Pear

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