Part 4 – Continue painting the leaf

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  1. Christine Jeszeck

    I’m really not clear on where you erred, Marian! I’m reading what you wrote…”I should have shaded on the left, highlight on the right” but I’m not seeing it in the photo. Are you referring to the vein at the tip of the leaf? Or the long one that runs horizontal? I know i’m painting it incorrectly because that part of my leaf looks flat. Help?!

    • Good Question. On the photo on page 4 of the instructions, you will see that I outlined some veins with dark on both sides (on the lower middle). That makes the vein appear raised. If you shade on one side and highlight on the other, it appears recessed. I fixed it for the final photo. You probably need to look at both to compare, it’s actually a good lesson. Hope that helps?

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