Blossom 2, petals 3 & 4

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  1. When you polish finally to take out pencil marks how do you keep from making more pencil marks??

    • Sorry for the delay in answering. I was out of town. Every layer you make should be lighter, so if you are seeing pencil marks in your final layer, either you are using too much pressure, or perhaps the point was not sharp enough? Can you email me a close up of the section you are seeing the pencil marks? Remember, I’m a purist, I don’t mind pencil marks but you should have to look really closely to see them.

      If you blow the video up to full screen, look closely and compare. If you are using Prisma Premier pencils you may need another layer. The older pencils, which I’m still using, covered in less layers. So do the comparison and evaluate whether another coat would make it look more polished.

      • I guess I am pushing too hard as I seem to get a lot of shine and it doesn’t seem like anymore pencil is layering. I will try be lighter handed. It looks real shiny.

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